• B.Sc Accident and Emergency Care Technology
    Pediatric, Pharmacy

    The increasing number of traumatic and non traumatic injuries requires appropriate and timely help and care. It is the golden hour
    of resusciation in any medical emergency that decides the outcome. The fundamental approaches to handle these emergencies will be taught not only to help the patient survive but also to prevent disability.

    The emergency team requires skilled personnel to assist the emergency physician. To fulfill these needs we have planned to open a new brand of graduates who will fill the area of vaccum in team effort. The student will be trained to recognise and act with increased in cases of emegencies in accordance with Evidence Based Practice.

  • B.Sc Critical Care Care Technology
    Pediatric, Pharmacy

    This is an advanced specialty reputed for delivering a systematic approach, responsible for the most vulnerable patients. Critical care technician vigilantly monitor, assess the critically ill and are always ready for the impending challenge. These professionals can treat variety of injuries our physical ailment as well as transport patient for extended treatment. Our Institution has created a new spectacle to reflect knowledge and practice. responding to the increased need for education and support our hospital has developed a new course that will prepare a student to support and comfort patients and families who are facing end of life issues related to their disease progression of condition.

  • Diploma in Nursing Aide
    Pediatric, Pharmacy

    Nursing is a profession within the health sector focused on the care of individuals. Families and communities. So they can attain, maintain or recover optimal health and quality of life. Nurses may be differentiated from other health care providers by their approach to patient care training and scope of practice. Nurses may help in co-ordinating the patient care performed by other members of the health team.

    There is a huge demand for nurses in health sector both within and outside country. To fulfill these demands we have planned to open a new brand graduates to assist in the provision of preventine, curative and rehabilitative nursing with the practical skills and knowledge.

  • Diploma In Medical Record Science
    Pediatric, Pharmacy

    Medical record is clinical, scientific administrative and medico legal document relating to the patients care which contains sufficient data in sequence of events to justify the diagnosis warrant the treatment and end result.

    The benefits of this course are to manage hospital and health care system in efficient manner. To increase awareness among the candidates about the health and hospital organisation system. To meet the demand of the growing needs of experts in the fields of drugs and disease condification, health data documentation, networking of hospitals and institutions etc. To understand the legal aspects of medical records, such as the legal requirements about maintenance and retention of records and release of clinical information. Generating hospital statistics including bed occupancy rates, bed turnover rate, average length of stay etc.